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Country of Origin: France


  Product Code #029972

                   (MMA) GYSMI 130P

Welding unit with inverter technology piloted by microprocessor.


Product Code #011540

             (TIG) TIG 200 DC HF FV

Designed to weld steel, stainless-steel and copper alloys. Its technology and features allow
welding with extreme accuracy in TIG and with the capability to weld cellulosic electrodes in MMA.


  Product Code #032767

                          NEOPULSE 300

Idel for industrial and car body workshop, the NEOPULSE 300 is 270A double pulse MIG Welder, compatible with PUSH PULL troches (optional). 


  Product Code #055599

              POWERDUCTION 50LG

The POWERDUCTION 50LG provides instant and powerful heating to release, or simply heat, steel or aluminium. Equipped with a liquid cooling unit, the product can heat metallic parts during minutes without interruption.


 Product Code #030862

                           PROGYS 200E

Inverter technology, microprocessor controlled welding unit with keyboard and digital display. Multi-purpose equipment.


Product Code #012004

            (TIG) TIG 250 AC/DC-HF

This industrial TIG, with a high duty cycle, is designed to weld steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium alloys. Its reinforced steel casing is ideal for on-site work and its advanced cooling mode gives the highest duty cycle and protects it against dust.


  Product Code #031036

                Plasma CUTTER 35KF

Ideal for maintenance work, Plasma Cutter 35KF has an internal compressor and does not require an external supply of compressed air.


  Product Code #030862

                 PROGYS 200E FV CEL

Inverter technology, microprocessor controlled welding unit with keyboard and digital display. Multi-purpose equipment, will work on a 16A-230V - power supply even for intensive use.


  Product Code #010925


Powered by inverter technology, the EXAGON 400 combines MMA, MIG-MAG & TIG in a single machine, offering
exceptional welding performance. Featuring advanced electronics and a reinforced structure, this station
guarantees maximum productivity, even in the most hostile environments.


Product Code #031944

(MIG/MAG) MultiPEARL 200-2

This is a single phase Multi-process welder. It is capable of MIG/MAG, Gas & No Gas, MMA and TIG welding. It has an advanced user interface with the option of fully synergic or manual mode.


  Product Code #022256

                           Portaspot 230

ideal for assembling thin mild steel sheets, such as metal furniture or for vehicle restoration. The Portaspot features an intuitive microprocessor controlled keypad which makes the product very easy to use.


  Product Code #031043

                            CUTTER 40 FV

Plasma cutter with Inverter technology. Suitable for maintenance work and car body repairs.

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